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Aortic Annular Ring

For Aortic Repair Surgery

Developed for Dr. Pallav J. Shah, MD, Mch, FACS, FRCSC

The Opportunity

A two-part aortic annular support system was designed for use during aortic valve repair that preserves dynamic motion of the annulus. Initial prototypes of the aortic annular rings were developed, but implantation into an animal model was unsuccessful.

The client asked Koven for design refinements, including enhanced flexibility and adjustments to the thickness and weave of the ring sheathing.

How Koven Helped

Koven provided design modifications to address the feedback received from the client. Koven produced and prototyped new tubing designs, addressed other technical challenges, and created revised prototypes.

The modified prototypes were successfully implanted in an animal model, allowing the client to gain valuable insight into the clinical performance of the device.