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BSAVED Valvulotome

For Vascular Valvulotomy Surgical Procedures

Developed for Koven Technology, Inc.

The Opportunity

A valvulotome is a surgical device used for in-situ vascular bypass procedures of the lower extremities.  It is used to cut and disable venous valves, therefore enabling the vein to function as an artery.

A need was established for a valvulotome which could be safely used without causing vein damage, which occurs when the cutting heads puncture the vein wall.  The vein wall can be punctured because the cutting head is too large or from the need to make multiple passes through the vein to effectively disrupt the valve.

How Koven Helped

To maximize the safety and efficiency of valvulotomy procedures, Koven worked with a vascular surgeon to develop a new valvulotome design which requires only a single pass through the vein, ensures that the cutting heads never come in contact with the vein wall, and includes an adjustable cutting head to ensure the correct size is always available.

The catheter-based design allows for fewer incisions and therefore, improved recovery time, while reducing the risk of infection.