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Dermal Foot Thermometer

Foot Temperature Measurement Device

Developed for Koven Technology, Inc.

The Opportunity

People with diabetes are at risk for diabetic foot ulcers (DFU), which is one of the most devastating complications of the disease.  If unnoticed and without early treatment, a DFU may become chronic, which can lead to amputation and/or death.   

Monitoring temperatures at various locations on the foot has been determined to be an indicator for the detection of pre-ulceration conditions.  High-risk patients may be able to use a temperature probe on a daily basis to detect sites of inflammation, much in the way that home glucometers are used to monitor blood glucose levels.

Market offerings at the time were either too costly or had ease of use issues.

How Koven Helped

Koven developed a dermal foot thermometer with temperature sensors at clinically relevant locations to simultaneously measure the temperature on the soles of both feet.

By comparing the temperature at a given site on the foot with the corresponding contralateral site, it is possible to identify a temperature difference; a potential indicator of pre-ulceration.  Great attention was given to usability engineering (human factors) to address ease of use issues and to influence patient adherence.