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FAST Guard

Protective Device for FAST Sphyg

Developed for Koven Technology, Inc.

The Opportunity

Following initial sales of the FAST Sphyg, it was reported through customer feedback and repair requests that despite providing a wrist strap, the FAST Sphyg is often dropped.  Without repair, the survival rate of a dropped device was established to be approximately 50%.

It was determined that an alternative measure to protect the device during a fall was needed and could positively impact sales.

How Koven Helped

Koven developed a silicone guard which fits over the gauge head of the FAST sphyg. The protective accessory was designed to be lightweight, provide good impact resistance, be inexpensive and be aesthetically pleasing. 

The FAST guard has been shown to successfully protect the sphyg from drops of up to 1 meter.