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The development of high quality, effective, and safe diagnostic & therapeutic medical products that improve patient care and support efficient medical practice around the world!”


Who we are

Koven’s cardiovascular innovation is a department of Koven Technology Canada Inc.

We are a Consulting Firm that provides Medical Device Engineering Services

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Our Mission

To apply extensive cardiovascular experience and industry knowledge to streamline your device development and commercialization.

Your product will reach the next milestone faster and with greater investor acceptance


Our History

In 1981, Paul Koven started Koven Technology Inc. in St. Louis, MO. His goal was to deliver safe and effective medical devices that would improve patient care and the efficiency of safe medical practice. This became Koven Technology’s vision that every one of our employees are committed to making for you, our client, a reality.

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Paul wanted to give back to his beloved city of Winnipeg, MB where he was born and raised. In 2003, he founded Koven Technology Canada, to –in his words– bring “good science back to Winnipeg”. Since then, Koven Canada has been providing quality products and services to the medical device community.

We take pride in the reputation we built as a leader in developing and delivering state of the art solutions that address vascular and cardiovascular conditions.



We now offer our unique design, engineering, and product development expertise to health technology innovators around the world.

Our recently launched department, Koven’s cardiovascular innovation, leads medical diagnostic and therapeutic companies to success. Our aim is to help innovators and manufacturers meet challenges and overcome all obstacles of product development, from ideation to commercialization.

We specialize in biomedical device design and development, with expertise in design for cardiovascular conditions.

With our guidance, our clients develop high quality, effective, and safe medical devices that pass regulatory standards and sell in the market.

We also assist with specific single projects, like design input generation, or full spectrum tasks, like total QMS development.


Meet Our Team Leaders


Ian Maclean, P. Eng.

Director of Research and Engineering
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Ian has been with us since the beginning!

He studied Engineering at the University of Manitoba and has been a registered Professional Engineer in the Province since 2007.

Ian was influenced to put his Engineering skills to work in the Medical Devices Arena after learning about his Great Grandfather’s transformative medical practice in the city of Winnipeg. He enjoys the collaborative nature of the Winnipeg Medical Device space and the people that make up this community.

Ian brings a strong combination of Project Management skills and proven Innovation Strategies to his role as the Director of Research and Engineering of Koven Technology Canada.

Currently, he is actively working on innovative Medical Devices and core research projects in the vascular diagnostics space.

Ian excels at New Product Development and has guided many projects from Design Input Development through Design Transfer into Manufacturing.

Reza Morovati, P. Eng.

Biomedical Engineer

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Reza is a registered Professional Engineer who holds a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering. He has been with us since 2013.

Since graduating from the University of Manitoba, Reza has been involved with the invention, design, construction and operation of electronic systems and devices.

Reza is a well rounded medical device  engineer who has worked in many different segments; research, development, ideation, management and manufacturing.

Reza remains passionate about professional development and has learned and experienced the core competencies of project management through in-house projects.

By utilizing creative processes, Reza aims to introduce disruptive technologies as well as incremental ones to the Medical Device sector.

His specialty is electrical circuit design and development. He’s proficient with visualizing design principals throughout the development process and he also prepares models and prototypes–all in conformity with user needs and regulations.